American Payroll Association: PayTrain

American Payroll Association: PayTrain

Advance your career while ensuring your organization’s payroll compliance

The payroll industry is dynamic and ever-changing. Each year, federal, state, and local legislative changes affect how payroll is administered. Payroll professionals must keep their knowledge up-to-date to avoid hefty noncompliance fines.

PayTrain 1 and PayTrain 2 are training tools that will help keep you and your organization’s compliance up-to-date and provide excellent preparation for the FPC and CPP certification exams. We combine expert instruction with the PayTrain College & University programs to help payroll professionals:

  • Learn from a knowledgeable instructor who provides expertise, insight and one-on-one guidance.
  • Network, share experiences and discuss topics with a diverse group of payroll professionals.
  • Stay on track toward earning your certification with a structured learning experience and instructor support.

Please check back, we are working on a March 2018 PayTrain Fundamentals course.