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Multilingual Student Course Cluster

Multilingual Student Course Cluster

Support Program for Multilingual and Multicultural Students

This program is designed to improve English reading and writing skills, while gaining knowledge necessary for study skills for college success. Participants enroll in a cluster of courses in the first year of college. Penn State Lehigh Valley students can participate in all or part of the cluster courses depending on the outcome of the placement.

This program can benefit the following types of students, but is not limited to, the types of students below;

  • Students born outside the United States and English is not their native language
  • Students born in the United States and English is not the primary language spoken at home
  • Students score low on the verbal portion of the SAT exam

Multilingual Student Course Cluster Program Curriculum

The below schedule is designed for traditional first-year students, and is subject to change depending on the student's academic status.

  • Course Curriculum for Fall Semester (7 credits):
    • AMST 100 or PL SC 001, English 001 and English 005
  • Course Curriculum for Spring Semester (7 credits):
    • English 015, English 005 and LLED 005