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scenic overview of city in Mexico

Lehigh Valley students took their education to Europe and Mexico

Students had valuable educational and cultural experiences over spring break, returning home with a newly-enhanced global perspective on public health, intercultural communications, and manufacturing.
Jermaine Jones at courtyard of a castle in Denmark

Lehigh Valley students took their education to Europe and Mexico

About 40 students did short-term study abroad programs over spring break
Liz Keptner and Paige Lilly

Heard on Campus: Paige Lilly

Millennial Entrepreneur and Founder of Fresh View Fitness Paige Lilly was interviewed for the February “LaunchBox Ladies: From Passion to Profit” event held recently at the Penn State Lehigh Valley campus.
Liz Keptner and Paige Lilly

LaunchBox Ladies February with Liz Keptner and Paige Lilly

Liz Keptner and Paige Lilly after the LaunchBox Ladies February conversation held on Feb. 14 at the Lehigh Valley campus.

Paige Lilly

LaunchBox Ladies February and March conversations announced

The next LaunchBox Ladies will take place on Feb. 14, featuring Paige Lilly of Fresh View Fitness.
Woman holding an Emmy award

Liz Keptner

Liz Keptner is director of Penn State Lehigh Valley’s Multimedia Innovation Center and an Emmy award-winning journalist.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is partner city for Any Given Child

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has chosen Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as the 24th site, and first in Pennsylvania, for Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child. Penn State Lehigh Valley is serving as one of the partners of the program.
Group of community members

Any Given Child

The Community Arts Team with Kennedy Center representatives at the first group meeting at Zoellner Arts Center. This team includes Liz Keptner, director of the Mulitmedia Innovation Center at Penn State Lehigh Valley.

group from PSU-LV pose with keynote speaker

PSU-LV faculty, staff and students at LVAC Whose Business is the Arts event

PSU-LV faculty and staff attended Whose Business is the Arts? A Public Forum on the Economy, the Arts and the Community hosted by the Lehigh Valley Arts Council on Sept. 8. PSU-LV Arts Administration students served as scribes for the table discussions to capture the highlights of the discussion points of those around the table.From Left to Right: Kyle McCoach, arts administration senior; Elise Schaffer, arts administration junior; Ann Lalik, gallery director and arts coordinator at PSU-LV; Keynote speaker  Dean Rodenbough, vice president of external affairs at Hallmark Cards; Liz Flaherty, honors program coordinator and coordinator of arts administration at PSU-LV; Liz Keptner, director of the Multimedia Innovation Center at PSU-LV; Ron De Long, instructor in fine art at PSU-LV; Corianne Thompson, faculty affairs coordinator and ceramics instructor at PSU-LV

group of 8 campers

Capturing 'Musikfest' offered unique social media experience for high schoolers

The Penn State Lehigh Valley and ArtsQuest camp celebrated its third year this summer.