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Charles Cantalupo

Distinguished Professor premieres series of poems at Poe Museum

Charles Cantalupo, Distinguished Professor of English, comparative literature and African studies, spent years traveling to and researching the cities where one of America’s all-time greatest writers, Edgar Allan Poe, lived throughout his life. On June 4, he performed for the first time the entire sequence of his poems on where Poe lived, called “Poe in Place.”
Portrait of Edgar Allen Poe

Penn State Poe scholars team up to chair international conference

Lehigh Valley professor Barbara Cantalupo and DuBois Professor Emeritus Richard Kopley are notable Edgar Allan Poe scholars, longtime colleagues and friends. Their most recent collaboration, the fourth International Edgar Allan Poe Conference, was more than two years in the making.
Barbara Cantalupo and Richard Kopley

LV Barbara Cantalupo and Richard Kopley Poe Conference

Barbara Cantalupo (left) and Richard Kopley at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. The hotel is the site of the fourth International Edgar Allan Poe Conference, which the longtime colleagues and friends teamed up to chair.

Dr. Richard Kopley

LV Richard Kopley Poe Blvd

Richard Kopley stopped to take a photo on a road named for Poe during a visit to Paris, France.

Dr. Barbara Cantalupo

LV Barbara Cantalupo Poe Review

Penn State Lehigh Valley Associate Professor Barbara Cantalupo is the editor of the Edgar Allan Poe Review, a scholarly journal dedicated to the American author's life and work.