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Students presenting their poster

Environmental Science Poster presentation

Students from Environmental Science presented their ideas on how PSU-LV can become more environmentally sustainable on Nov. 29. The displays set up on campus consisted of cost-effective alternatives, such as the installation of solar panels, purchasing a compost for food waste, hosting classrooms outside and more. Each project included academic research on their retrospective topics citing the financial, social and environmental benefits to be considered. Karen Kackley-Dutt, assistant teaching professor of biology at Penn State Lehigh Valley, encouraged attendees to ask students about their project and to vote on their favorite one. The project with the most votes will possibly be considered for future implementation on campus.

Three people in lab coats at microscope

Penn State Lehigh Valley delivers new degree in biobehavioral health

Penn State Lehigh Valley is offering a bachelor of science in biobehavioral health as of this fall 2017. The program joins other four-year degrees in reflecting the needs of Lehigh Valley employers.
Three people in lab coats at microscope

BBH degree now at PSU-LV

The range of studies in the biobehavioral health degree program at Penn State Lehigh Valley prepares students for a variety of health science careers.

headshot of David Longenbach

Immersive technology brings historic Bethlehem to the classroom

Historian David Longenbach used 360-degree recording software to show his students historic Bethlehem in his Pennsylvania History course.
headshot of David Longenbach

David Longenbach

David Longenbach, instructor in history at Penn State Lehigh Valley, provided footage of historic Bethlehem for students using 360 degree technology.

a person getting blood pressure taken

Clinical Medical Assisting Program information session announced

An information session the clinical medical assisting program will be held on Oct. 4 at the Lehigh Valley campus.
a person getting blood pressure taken

Clinical Medical Assisting Program

An information session for the clinical medical assisting program will be held at 6 p.m. on Oct. 4, at the Penn State Lehigh Valley campus.

group of students and professors in Cuba forest

Penn State students study fragile ecosystems in Cuba

Students and teachers from CHANCE conducted biological and ecological research alongside field scientists in Cuba this summer
group of students and professors in Cuba forest

CHANCE Cuba Field Program

Participants in the CHANCE Cuba field program were required to carry out pre-trip, online assignments before venturing into the field to learn from local government experts, university faculty and National Park biologists about ongoing Cuban conservation efforts and environmental policies as they explored the biodiversity of the rainforests of Sierra del Rosario; wetlands, mangroves, forests and coral reefs of Guanahacabibes Peninsula; and farmlands of Viñales. Here the group is in Guanahacabibes National Park. 

Students and professor on boat in Cuba


During most recent field course of CHANCE, students and teachers focused on conservation and the sustainability of select ecosystems in western Cuba.  A conservation-based, service-learning project on nesting sea turtles was also performed in conjunction with biologists from Guanahacabibes National Park as part of their Research, Monitoring and Management Program.