Arts Administration

Arts Administration

Arts Administration Degree Program

The Arts Administration program at Penn State Lehigh Valley is an excellent contribution to the higher education programs in the culturally rich Lehigh Valley. In this video, the Coordinator of the Arts Administration degree, Dr. Elizabeth Flaherty takes you through the requirements for the degree.

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Behind every opening night performance, art exhibition, film release, or fundraising gala, are individuals who possess a passion for the arts and the skills to drive success in the marketplace. With the region’s only bachelor’s degree program in Arts Administration, Penn State Lehigh Valley can prepare you to combine aesthetic sensibilities and business acumen to excel as an arts administrator.

Successful arts administration is crucial to the continued vitality of modern cultural institutions, creative enterprises and arts organizations. The program combines a student’s passion for the arts with significant training, strategic planning, marketing, development, event planning and digital communication. A broad range of on- and off-campus internships is available to offer students real-world experience in arts administration.

Program Courses Include

  • Arts Event Planning & Project Management
  • Strategic Management & Planning for the Arts
  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Effective Writing: Business Writing
  • Introduction to Western Music
  • Public Relations & Marketing
  • Renaissance to Modern Art

Your Job Title Could Be

  • Events Coordinator
  • Community Arts Director
  • Fine Arts Studio Administrator
  • Entertainment Agent
  • Visual Media and Film Manager
  • Museum/Gallery Administrator

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