Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

This 8-hour workshop is designed to explore workplace cultural diversity issues and to increase awareness of diversity dynamics. Designed for both employees and managers, this course will enhance attendees’ understanding of diversity-related issues and give them the skills to address these issues when they arise.

Course Topics

  • The primary and secondary dimensions of diversity
  • Meeting an organization’s requirement for working with diverse groups
  • Diversity management—ensuring the long-term strength of the organization
  • Improving the essence of a business and bringing access to new segments of the marketplace
  • Building diversity management skills to create a high-performing work environment
  • Improving diversity awareness and knowledge
  • Communicating with people of diverse backgrounds based on understanding cultural norms and practices
  • Providing input into an organization's diversity vision
  • Understanding diversity as a strength in an organization, not as a weakness
  • Making use of the diverse talents of people in work assignments and decision making
  • Resolving diverse work group issues related to impending changes
  • Sharing accountability with diverse groups equitably
  • Understanding the potential opportunities if diversity is well managed, as well as the risks if it is not