Fleet Vehicle Guidelines

Fleet Vehicle Guidelines

The Penn State Lehigh Valley campus has access to a number of vehicles of various sizes provided by the University's Transportation Services. These vehicles are available for work-related use on a first-come, first-served reservation basis.

Vehicles Available for Use

Fleet vehicles at Penn State Lehigh Valley sometimes vary, but usually include the following:

  • Sedans and SUVs (typically seat five people including the driver)
  • Minivans (typically seat seven people including the driver)
  • Large vans (typically seat 15 people including the driver)

Fleet Vehicle Guidelines & Regulations

Vehicle Usage

To utilize a Penn State fleet vehicle, Penn State Lehigh Valley employees must present a valid driver’s license to Business Services in order to be added to the list of approved operators. Vehicle reservations can then be made by contacting lvfrontdesk@psu.edu.

Please note: Use of the campus' large vans (15 passengers) requires an online certification. Please complete the short course online, print your completion certificate, and deliver to Business Services.

Recording Your Mileage

Each fleet vehicle will have a mileage log. Before beginning your trip, be sure to record the vehicle mileage, driver information, and trip start time. Then, when the trip is complete, record the final mileage and trip end time.

Fueling a Penn State Fleet Vehicle

When fueling a Penn State fleet vehicle, drivers are asked to use the fleet vehicle credit card located in passenger visor (the credit card password is 1234). Please do not use a personal credit card to fuel a fleet vehicle, as you will not be able to be reimbursed.

After use of a campus fleet vehicle, please return the vehicle with at least half a tank of gas.

Reporting an Accident

Any damage to a fleet vehicle which must be reported by completing a Vehicle Accident Report Form and forwarding it to Penn State’s Risk Management Office within 48-hours. If the vehicle is inoperable, contact Fleet Operations immediately (814-865-7572). If calling Fleet Operations after-hours, please wait for the voicemail message and contact the on-call number provided in the message.

If you are involved in an accident in which someone is injured or killed, or if any vehicle involved is damaged so extensively that it cannot be driven, you must notify the state or local police immediately

Insurance Information

When making a journey that is Penn State-related, it is recommended that employees utilize a Penn State fleet vehicle. From an insurance and legal liability perspective, this is the cleanest way to deal with the situation.

Pennsylvania law states that "insurance follows the vehicle." This means that, if a Penn State employee chooses to use their personal vehicle for a Penn State-related journey, the vehicle owner's insurance policy will be first in line to respond to an accident. Therefore, the auto liability insurance the vehicle owner purchased would be responsible for the consequences of any accident involving the vehicle. This could result in financial consequences for the owner, or negatively impacted insurance rates for the owner. This is inescapable under PA law.