New Employee Checklist

New Employee Checklist

Congratulations on your new position, and welcome to the Penn State Lehigh Valley family! To help make your transition as simple as possible, below is a list of helpful directives to get you started on campus:

Hiring Paperwork

The hiring process – including I-9 and university payroll forms – must be completed prior to beginning employment at the Penn State Lehigh Valley campus. This process can be completed by scheduling an appointment with Business Services, and then stopping by campus to complete the necessary HR paperwork.

Declaring Your Benefits

The Business Services and Human Resources offices at Penn State Lehigh Valley will walk you through the various benefits that you will receive as a Penn State employee.

Before your first 30 days as a Penn State employee has ended, you must declare your selected health insurance, life insurance, and retirement benefits. This can be completed through ESSIC >>

Requesting Vacation or Sick Time

For preferred department processes for requesting time off or calling out sick, please see your supervisor.

Dress Code

The preferred dress code for employees at Penn State Lehigh Valley is business casual or business. However, our campus observes casual Fridays. On these days, you are encouraged to show your school spirit by donning Penn State gear!

Ordering Office Supplies

A stock of basic office supplies is kept in the office behind the campus' general reception desk. You are welcome to take what you need, but be sure to document what you have taken along with the appropriate budget number. Special orders can be made by contacting

Meeting Room Reservations

To reserve space within the building (i.e. classrooms or conference rooms), please utilize Meeting Room Manager (MRM), or contact reception.

Technology Setup

Phone & Email Setup

For phone setup instructions and email access and activation, contact:

Mike Morgan
610-285-5289 |

Please also review Penn State's Computer and Network Security Policy (AD-20).

Computer Setup

For computer setup and instructions, please contact:

Pedro Robles
610-285-5014 |

Obtaining a Parking Permit & Office Access

For parking permit and office access setup, contact:

Bill Speth
610-285-5221 |

Please also review Penn State Lehigh Valley's parking and safety regulations.

Obtaining a Faculty/Staff ID Card

To obtain your faculty/staff photo ID card (which is utilized to obtain access to various campus offices), please contact:

Barbara Schueck
610-285-5022 |


The PSUAlert system is Penn State's means of communication in emergency situations. The system will allow you to receive up-to-date notifications of campus closures and emergencies. It is highly recommended that all employees register for this free service. Sign up today >>

Water Cooler Club

While water fountains specifically designed to fill water bottles are available on campus, they are in very select locations (outside of campus bathrooms). To supplement this, water coolers are available throughout the building. The use of water coolers is reserved for those who pay a monthly fee of $5. If you are interested in participating in the Water Cooler Club, please contact: 

Ann Lalik
610-285-5261 |