Dr. Doug Hochstetler

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Director, Academic Affairs
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Dr. Hochstetler's research interests focus on sport philosophy.  His recent projects examine the transcendental and pragmatic strains of American philosophy (e.g., John Dewey, William James, Henry D. Thoreau, Ralph W. Emerson, and Henry Bugbee) in relation to endurance sport. 

He has published in a variety of disciplinary journals, both theoretical and applied and has been an International Association for the Philosophy of Sport member since 1994.  He is currently the Editor-in- Chief of Quest, the official journal of the National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education.

Dr. Hochstetler has been involved in many aspects of sport and physical activity throughout both his academic preparation and professional life – interscholastic and intercollegiate sport athlete, long-distance runner and cyclist, coach (at levels from middle school through college), administrator (athletic director and department chair), as well as instructor of a variety of kinesiology courses.

Recent Publications

Hochstetler, D. (Ed.) (2020). Endurance sport and the American philosophical tradition. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Hochstetler, D. (2019). Running as liturgy. In Sport and Christianity: Practices for the Twenty-First Century. (Matt Hoven, Andrew Parker, and Nick Watson, editors). London, UK: Bloomsbury Publishing, 85-96.

Hochstetler, D. (2019). Coaching philosophy, values, and ethics. In Coaching for Sports Performance (Timothy Baghurst, editor), London, UK: Routledge, 53-95.

Hochstetler, D. & Krebs, A. (2018). Conduct of life and endurance sport. Fair Play, Journal of Philosophy, Ethics and Sports Law, 12, 1-20.

Hochstetler, D. (2018). Identity politics and kinesiology. International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education, 2 (2), 31-41.

Hopsicker, P. & Hochstetler, D. (2016). The future of sport philosophy in higher education kinesiology. Quest, 68(3), 240-256.

Hochstetler, D. & Hopsicker, P. (2016).  Normative concerns for endurance athletes. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 43(3), 335-349.

Hochstetler, D. & Lally, R. (2016).  Philosophical themes for teaching and learning. International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education, 27 (1), 11-15. 

Hochstetler, D. (2015). Narratives, identity, and transformation. Quest, 67(2), 161-172. The Thirty-Fourth Dudley Allen Sargent Commemorative Lecture 2015

Hochstetler, D., & Sailors, P. R. (2015). Lead, follow, or get out of the way: A critical analysis of pacing. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 42(3), 349-363.


Ph.D. in Kinesiology (Sport Philosophy), Penn State University

M.S. in Physical Education, West Chester University

B.A. in Physical Education, Northwestern College