Penn State Lehigh Valley's Multimedia Innovation Center

The Community Art Gallery

The Community Gallery at Penn State Lehigh Valley highlights artists in the region specifically as an outreach mechanism to artist groups, as well as to student populations. It is located on the third floor on the west wing of the building and is located adjacent to the Ronald K. De Long Gallery. 


The psychology program at Penn State Lehigh Valley gets students ready to take on the world. Students have opportunities to travel overseas to study with other universities and complete internships to gain experience. With three degree options, the program prepares graduates to enter careers in fields with a high demand for qualified candidates, or to make a seamless transition to graduate school.

Second-grade students get a taste of college life

Beginning last year, each classroom at Roberto Clemente Elementary Charter School was adopted by a local college or university. Penn State Lehigh Valley adopted the second-grade class. A field trip held May 12 was a continuation of this multifaceted partnership.


In the Multimedia Innovation Center, students learned about news production and took time to read the campus newspaper, State of the Valley.


In the Multimedia Innovation Center, the second grade students were shown how a green screen works and got to see themselves on TV.