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Coaches presenting to students

LV_Lincoln Leadership Lorie and Sarah

Lorie Khalil, coordinator of athletic programs and head women’s basketball coach, and Sarah Pasetsky, assistant women’s basketball coach, stressed the importance of getting involved, teamwork and showing discipline, and how those things can be applied to everyday life.

Admissions counselors present to high school students

LV_Lincoln Leadership Hiba and Kaley

Hiba Moussa and Kaley Ebling, both admissions counselors, reviewed the high school requirements for certain majors, the wide variety in academic options at Penn State and the Penn State admissions requirements.

Bob Wolfe presenting to students

LV_Lincoln Leadership Bob

Bob Wolfe, coordinator of the Corporate Communication degree program, gave an overview of what Corporate Communication is and discussed the importance of brand recognition and creative storytelling.

Liz Keptner shows the students how to use a GoPro

LV_Lincoln Leadership Liz Keptner

Liz Keptner, director of the multimedia innovation center, described the multiple resources at the Lehigh Valley campus for students to take advantage of, including the video production studio. She then demonstrated how to use a GoPro camera.

Two students examine a mini house from a 3-D printer

LV_Lincoln Leadership 3d

Two students from Lincoln Leadership Academy examine a miniature house made from a 3-D printer during the presentation by Kermit Burley, coordinator of the IST degree program, and Hal Scholz, instructor in engineering and physics. The let the students put their IST and engineering skills to the test by using a 3-D printer during Penn State Engagement Day.

A group in a discussion

LV_Lincoln Leadership Kermit

Kermit Burley (Left), coordinator of the IST degree program, answered questions after his presentation with Hal Scholz, instructor in engineering and physics. They focused on careers in IST and engineering.

Career exploration presentation

LV_Lincoln Leadership Jess and Marta

Jessica Dow, career services coordinator, and Marta DaSilva, academic adviser, told the students about the differences between careers versus jobs and shared with them the value of making a good first impression.

Group of students listening to presentation

LV_Lincoln Leadership Health

Heather Clark, LPN program director, and Nancy Coco, director of continuing education and outreach, taught the high school students about the field of population health and the variety of careers in the health field.

Art teachers leading class in a project

LV_Lincoln Leadership Arts

Liz Flaherty, coordinator of the Arts Administration degree program, and Ann Lalik, gallery director and arts coordinator shared information about having a career in the arts and the opportunity to major in Arts Administration.

Student working on art project

LV_Lincoln Leadership Art student

Students got to do a hands-on creative arts project during the presentation about careers in the arts.