Available Tutoring Options

Available Tutoring Options

Group Review Sessions

A few classes have group review sessions which take place every week.  Students do not need to sign up for these review sessions, just show up at the appropriate time and location.  To maximize the effectiveness of these meetings, students should read the assigned text materials, attempt homework assignments, and bring specific questions they wish to discuss.

Learning Center Workshops

The Learning Center offers a variety of workshops designed to enhance the academic experience of Penn State Lehigh Valley students including time management, note-taking skills, active reading strategies, and online tutoring. Workshops may be scheduled as part of a class or to a club group. If interested in having a Learning Center representative present a workshop to your students, please contact the Learning Center.

Drop-In Tutoring

Tutoring assistance in select subjects is available without an appointment Monday through Friday during Learning Center Hours. Drop-in tutoring is best for the student who has a small number of quick questions, as tutors will divide their time among all of the students seeking help during drop-in hours. Contact the Learning Center for details about which subjects are covered during drop-in tutoring hours.

Tutoring by Appointment

Tutoring in select subjects is also available by scheduling an appointment. This approach is best for the student who anticipated the need for ongoing support in order to keep up or stay ahead of their math classes. To do this, students must fill out and submit a tutor request form to the Learning Center and a one-on-one tutor will be assigned to the student. Appointments will be schedule at a time that the student and tutor agree upon. All appointments will take place on campus. Contact the Learning Center for details regarding which courses offer one-on-one tutoring options.

Requesting a tutor is a commitment. Students are expected to meet with their tutor, as a minimum, for an hour on a weekly basis for the remainder of the semester.

Online Tutoring Through SMARTHINKING

Online tutoring is available through SMARTHINKING 24/7 during the academic year. This type of tutoring is best for the student who may not be available to attend on-campus tutoring due to their schedules.

Subjects covered in online tutoring through SMARTHINKING include math, chemistry, bilingual math, physics, organic chemistry, biology, introduction to anatomy and physiology, economics, introductory finance, accounting, and statistics. Writing support for all subjects is also provided through the online writing lab.

With SMARTHINKING Online Tutoring, students have the ability to:

  • Connect with a tutor and interact live.
  • Submit your writing for any class to the Online Writing Lab.
  • Submit a question and receive a reply from a tutor.

Accessing SMARTHINKING Online Tutoring

  1. Request access to SMARTHINKING by signing up in the Learning Center or emailing lmc113@psu.edu.  
  2. Allow one or two business days before being added to the SMARTHINKING ANGEL group.
  3. Log into ANGEL.
  4. Click on the group labeled "LV SMARTHINKING Online Tutoring."
  5. Follow the directions on the ANGEL page to register and enter into SMARTHINKING.

Please note: The "LV SMARTHINKING Online Tutoring" ANGEL group is available only to students currently taking classes at Penn State Lehigh Valley.  Students are provided with five hours of online tutoring.  Please use your online tutoring sessions wisely.