Campus Leadership

Campus Leadership

Dr. Tina Richardson | Chancellor

Serves as chief executive officer, principal academic leader, and primary spokesperson for the campus; oversees development and philanthropic efforts, strategic planning, budgeting, and community outreach; and assures quality of academic programs in teaching, research, and service.

Dr. Douglas Hochstetler | Interim Director of Academic Affairs

Responsible for curriculum development and review; faculty development, hiring, and promotion and tenure; and faculty integration of research and service. He oversees academic assessment, internships, budget management, academic policy and practice, academic standards, and overall representation of the academic interests of the campus.

Dan Meuleners | Finance Officer

The Financial Officer is responsible for the Bursar's Office where tuition is paid and the Finance Office, which deals with the operating expense budget and involves planning, forecasting, auditing, and final approval of expense documents. The officer reports to the Corporate Controller's Office at University Park and the assistant controller for all University officers.

Helene Miksitz | Business Coordinator

Oversees capital planning, maintenance and operations, telecommunications, human resources, police department, risk management, real estate, fleet operations, campus bookstore, housing and food services, and environmental stewardship.

Tom Dubreuil | Director of Student Affairs

Responsible for residence life and campus life, health services, career and personal counseling, intramural and varsity athletics, judicial affairs, diversity initiatives, student leadership, disability services, orientation, and support services for multicultural and international students.

Diane McAloon | Interim Director of Continuing Education and Outreach

Oversees credit and non-credit programming for professional development and/or career change for individuals, employees, and employers in business, industry, education and other fields; programming for youth; outreach to the community; and program marketing.

Jessie Heimann | Director of Strategic Communications

The Director of Public Relations and Marketing serves as the campus spokesperson and media liaison, as well as oversees advertising for the campus and its programs, the production of all campus publications, and manages web content. This office is also responsible for ensuring that University editorial style and graphics identity programs are applied to all forms of external communications to maintain University editorial and visual standards at our campus.

Michael Morgan | Director of Information Technology

The Director of Information Technology oversees the department which provides support for all computers and telecommunications. He is responsible for faculty, staff and student computing, telecommunications, and AV support.