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Ashley Russo looking on as Tanya Wright asnwers a question

Heard on Campus: Tanya Wright

Tanya Wright replied to a question from Ashley Russo at the first LaunchBox Ladies event held on Nov. 15 at the Lehigh Valley campus.

Wall of Honor for Veteran's Day

PSU-LV Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor was displayed during Penn State Lehigh Valley’s Veteran’s Day Celebration, honoring members of the community who have served our country.

head shot of Cris Tovani

Best Practices Conference Keynote Speaker

The Best Practice conference will feature interactive workshops and presentations for teachers to share professional teaching practices. Cris Tovani will be this year’s keynote speaker.

faculty, staff and students organized food donations in Centre Hall

PSU-LV Food drive 2017

The campus community gathered together on Nov. 16 in Centre Hall to organize the donated items into grocery bags before they were delivered to the Sixth Street Shelter.

groups in Centre Hall with donated food

PSU-LV Food drive volunteers 2017

Before heading to the Sixth Street Shelter to drop off food donations on Nov. 16, volunteers from Penn State Lehigh Valley posed for a photo.

Faculty member tries out new VR room

Lehigh Valley VR room

Todd Retzlaff, assistant professor of mathematics at Penn State Lehigh Valley, becomes acquainted with the VR goggles in the new room. He hopes to test CalcFlow, a virtual reality calculus experience. Campus instructional designer Dean Shaffer stands by to assist.

Giving Tuesday on November 28th

PSULV Giving Tuesday

Penn State Lehigh Valley is raising funds to support current and future students on Giving Tuesday.

Naseeba speaking at Scholarship Dinner

Scholarship Dinner Naseeba Saeed

Naseeba Saeed, a PSU-LV junior corporate communication major, shared her perspective on the benefit of scholarships at the Scholarship Dinner on Nov. 8.

A mom, her son and another student at a dinner table

Scholarship Dinner

From Left to Right: Chrissy Trenge, her son Chris Trenge, and Jonathan Rappold waited for the Scholarship Dinner to get started on Nov. 8

Student holding a sign that says Thank you for investing in our future

Giving Tuesday Naseeba

Naseeba Saeed, a PSU-LV junior corporate communication major, thanked donors with her marker board message in support of PSU-LV's #GivingTuesday campaign to raise money for student scholarships.