Summer 2017 Course Spotlights

Summer 2017 Course Spotlights

Course Name: Economics 102: Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy
Instructor: Robert Wolfe
Summer Session  2

Understanding the decision making of consumers

Do you ever wonder how people make purchasing decisions? Many decisions we make are made instinctively. This class will study how people satisfy their wants in the face of limited resources.  Microeconomics deals with the behavior of individual households and firms, and how government influences that behavior. This course is designed as an introductory course and has no pre-requisites. It satisfies both General Education Social Science credit and Bachelor of Arts Social Science credit.


Course Name: Earth 101: Natural Disasters: Hollywood vs. Reality
Instructor: Drew Anderson
Summer Session 2

Exploring Natural Disasters: Hollywood Portrayals vs. Reality

WARNING: Taking this class will change the way you see Hollywood natural disaster blockbusters! Instead of just enjoying the movie, absurd scientific errors will now jump off the screen to you. This class will share the basics of weather, geology, and space science so that you have the skills to identify Hollywood’s fabrications. You’ll also understand why Hollywood natural disaster movies benefit the greater good of society.

“Mr. Anderson is very approachable and provided so many ways of understanding the material, readings, videos, and in class lectures. I look forward to labs and class interaction.” – Student Testimonial


Course Name: BA 422: Strategic Business Planning 
Instructor: Michael Krajsa
Summer Session 2

Reaching business goals through strategic planning

This is the capstone of the series of business administration courses in the bachelor of science in business degree. These courses collectively develop the skills and competencies necessary for the business administration student. BA 422W is designed for students to examine the discipline of strategic management and to develop an appreciation of the criticality of strategic management in guiding a business entity through a changing and challenging environment. The unique feature of this course is the non-profit service-learning project, which is embedded in the coursework. Students will choose which non-profit they would like to work with and will assist them in the needs of the organization.

"BA 422W is a highly intense, but very valuable course. This course teaches the necessities of being a leader not only in your local corporate world, but in the globalized economy that is becoming today's society. In this course you will learn the strategies of leading an organization to be great, and then how to stay there. These strategies are taught through a handful of real life case studies and stories from our world today. BA 422W requires a good deal of coursework to learn all that is needed to prepare you as a future leader, and therefore it is vital to stay ahead of the game on assignments and look forward, and not always play catch up. With proper preparation and diligence, this course can become one of the most valuable courses you take." – Student Testimonial