Enforcement of Recommended Preparation and Prerequisite, Concurrent, or Co-requisite courses

Beginning with course registration in Fall 2019, the College of Health and Human Development and the Department of Health Policy and Administration will implement automatic enforcement of prerequisite courses.

Requests for exceptions to prerequisite requirements are to be submitted in writing using the form found on this page. Supporting documentation should be submitted as requested. Any questions or problems regarding prerequisite requirements or exceptions can be discussed with the Academic Adviser in the Department of Health Policy and Administration, Dr. Anita Yuskauskas, [email protected]

Decisions on prerequisites for Health Policy and Administration courses can be found within the HPA University Bulletin. For easy reference, the HPA prerequisites can be found in an Excel document

Request prerequisite, concurrent or co-requisite course override form: 

This form is only used by students wishing to register for a course that uses automatic enforcement or prerequisites at the time of registration. Please refer to Penn State policy C-5 for criteria and procedures to request an override.


Student Information
Enter your 9-digit Penn State ID without spaces.
In order for this form to be processed, you must use your Penn State email address (@psu.edu).
Course Being Requested
Evidence and Justification
Identify reasons why an exception should be made. Please refer to policy C-5 for a list of appropriate documentation. Check all that apply:
All documents should be included in one PDF.
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