Police & Public Safety

Police & Public Safety

Security personnel, in conjunction with the Chancellor of Penn State Lehigh Valley, are responsible for safety and security of the campus community. Routine patrol and parking enforcement are handled by the security department.

The campus security department conducts several awareness programs throughout the year on topics such as drugs and alcohol, sexual assault, and crime prevention.

All members of the security department maintain current certification in both first aid and CPR in case of emergency.

A close-working relationship is also maintained with the Upper Saucon Township Police. The Upper Saucon Township Police conduct random mobile patrols of the campus and cooperate in the security for special events occurring on campus. Serious criminal offenses are referred to the Upper Saucon Township Police.

Upper Saucon Township Police
5500 Camp Meeting Road
Center Valley, PA 18034

Students, employees, and guests are instructed to report criminal or other unusual incidents to a member of the security staff. Emergency contact information is posted conspicuously throughout the campus.

Services Offered by Police & Public Safety

Security Escort Service

Campus Security will provide personal escorting services to members of the campus community between on-campus parking areas and buildings. To make a request, visit reception.

Lost and Found

Items that are left in classrooms or turned in by students and visitors are maintained at the reception desk of the academic building. For assistance with the lost and found, visit reception.

AED Unit and Medical Bag

The Health Center has a fully stocked medical bag to be used in most medical emergencies. The campus also has Automated External Defibrillator Units (AED), for use by trained personnel on a person who is in cardiac arrest. Several members of the faculty, staff, and student body are certified to use the AED unit and are also certified in CPR.

First Aid

After hours, weekends, or whenever health services is not available, campus security will provide first-aid for minor injuries.

Vehicle Assistance

If you have a dead battery, the "Jump and Carry Unit" (a portable 12 volt rechargeble battery starter) will allow you to jump start your vehicle. Contact security for its use.

This service is offered free to students and visitors. Campus security will make every effort to resolve the situation, but they do not perform any other mechanical work.