Campus Directory

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Sharon Tercha [email protected]
Director, Strategic Communications
Lehigh Valley, 157 610-285-5011
Andrea Tessier [email protected]
Community Outreach and Engagement Manager, Continuing Education
Lehigh Valley, 160 610-285-5026
John Toney [email protected]
Lead Maintenance Mechanic, Building Operations
Lehigh Valley, 112 610-285-5016
Dr. Aníbal Torres Bernal [email protected]
Director of Academic Affairs, Academic Affairs
Lehigh Valley, 138 610-285-5140
Mark Trusz [email protected]
Lecturer, IST
Lehigh Valley 610 285 5000
James Tubman [email protected]
Lecturer, Management
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Nishil Vachhani [email protected]
Lecturer, IST
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Tiffany Valdes-Madera [email protected]
Faculty Affairs Coordinator, Academic Affairs
Administrative Support to Director of Academic Affairs
Lehigh Valley, 139B 610-285-5029
Donna Wade [email protected]
Lecturer, Nutrition
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Jennifer Waidelich [email protected]
Campus Nurse, Health Services and Counseling
Lehigh Valley, 221 610-285-5017
Tina Weidele [email protected]
Assistant Financial Officer, Financial Aid
Lehigh Valley, 143-B 610-285-5034
Dr. Mark Wilson [email protected]
Lecturer, Mathematics
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Maureen Yoachim [email protected]
Manager, Bookstore
Lehigh Valley , Bookstore 610-285-5015
Steven Yoachim [email protected]
Maintenance Worker , Building Operations
Lehigh Valley, 112 610-285-5207
Tammy Yocum-Cwienkala [email protected]
Counselor, Health Services and Counseling
Lehigh Valley, 221 610-285-5077
Dr. Anita Yuskauskas [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Health Policy and Administration
Program Coordinator, Health Policy and Administration
Lehigh Valley, 315-H 610-285-5107
Debbie Zuech-Smyrl [email protected]
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, Chancellor's Office
Lehigh Valley, 139 610-285-5056