Campus Directory - Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Dr. Kevin Kelley [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor , Psychology
Lehigh Valley, 217-A 610-285-5062
Liz Keptner [email protected]
Director, Multimedia Innovation Center
Lecturer, Communications
Lehigh Valley, 201 610-285-5152
Dr. Maryam Kiani [email protected]
Lecturer, Mathematics
Lehigh Valley, 209-B 610-285-5233
Sandy Kile [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences , Communication Arts and Sciences
Lehigh Valley, 217-U 610-285-5234
Teri Kistler [email protected]
Program Coordinator, Rehabilitation and Human Services
Lecturer, Rehabilitation and Human Services
Lehigh Valley, 315-L 610-285-5251
Colleen Krcelich [email protected]
Lecturer, Accounting
Lehigh Valley, 315-O 610-285-5132
Ann Lalik [email protected]
Gallery Director, Galleries
Arts Coordinator, Galleries
Lecturer, Arts
Lehigh Valley, 134 610-285-5261
Ian Lande [email protected]
Lehigh Valley, 11 610-285-5000
Dr. David Livert [email protected]
Associate Professor, Psychology
Lehigh Valley, 217-C 610-285-5127
David Longenbach [email protected]
Lecturer, History
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Richard Martin [email protected]
Lecturer, Information Sciences and Technology
Lecturer, Engineering
Lehigh Valley, 217-H 610-285-5209
Kevin McCloskey [email protected]
Lecturer, Business Administration
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Dr. Jacqueline McLaughlin [email protected]
Associate Professor, Biology
Lehigh Valley, 131 610-285-5109
Michael Mfarej [email protected]
Lecturer, BISC
Lehigh Valley, 4 610-285-5149
Dr. Beth E. Michalec [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication, Corporate Communication
Lehigh Valley, 217-T 610-285-5201
Mark Milliron [email protected]
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Dr. Maung Min [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Business
Program Coordinator, Business Programs
Lehigh Valley, 217-D 610-285-5117
Larry Musolino [email protected]
Lecturer, Mathematics
Lehigh Valley, 217-I 610-285-5032
Larissa Noto [email protected]
Lecturer - KINES
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Dr. Denise Ogden [email protected]
Professor, Marketing
Lehigh Valley, 217-M 610-285-5156