Campus Directory | Staff

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Library [email protected]
Lehigh Valley, 202 610-285-5027
Michael Adams [email protected]
Lehigh Valley, 112 610-285-5000
Heather Amatore [email protected]
Assistant Registrar, Registrar's Office
Lehigh Valley, 142 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 4 or 0
Melissa Baker [email protected]
Coordinator of Student Services, Student Affairs
Lehigh Valley, 235-G 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 5, then 6
Kevin Batista [email protected]
Support Specialist, Information Technology
Pamela Borowski [email protected]
Lab Technician, Academic Affairs
Lehigh Valley, 332 610-285-5000 - press 0
Sarah Bracy [email protected]
Part-Time Staff, Library
Lehigh Valley, 202-C 610-285-5027
Aurora Brunovsky [email protected]
Regional Human Resources Consultant, Human Resources
Lehigh Valley, 159 610-285-5000 - press 5, then 3
Maureen Carr [email protected]
Human Resources Consultant, Human Resources
Dr. Heather Clark [email protected]
LPN Program Director, Continuing Education and Outreach
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5059
Marta Da Silva [email protected]
Director of Advising & Career Services, Career Strategy and Advising
Lehigh Valley, 103-A 610-285-5075
Michael Damweber [email protected]
Coordinator of Admissions Assessment and Data Analysis, Enrollment
Lehigh Valley, 107-C 610-285-5046
Stephanie Davies [email protected]
Regional Human Resources Strategic Partner, Human Resources
Remote 814-375-4709
Jonathan Desiderio [email protected]
Police Officer 3
Lehigh Valley, 114 610-285-5000 - press 5, then 4
Izac Diaz [email protected]
IT System Administrator, Information Technology
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5295
Cindy Evans [email protected]
Director of Business Development, Lehigh Valley LaunchBox
Lehigh Valley, 161 610-285-5000 - press 5, then 6
Richard Fatzinger [email protected]
Athletics Coordinator, Athletics
Coordinator of Intramural and Recreational Sports, Athletics
Lehigh Valley, 235-C 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 5, then 1
Pamela Fleck [email protected]
Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Student Affairs
Lehigh Valley, 235-F 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 5, then 5
Bradley Folk [email protected]
Facilities Manager, Facilities and Operations
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000 - press 5, then 2
Danyell Fondl [email protected]
Campus Registrar, Registrar's Office
Lehigh Valley, 153 610-285-5000, option 1, option 3