Faculty Senate

Functions of Faculty Senate at Penn State Lehigh Valley

Legislative Function

To serve as the principal legislative body representing the Penn State Lehigh Valley Faculty. Its actions are authoritative on all matters that pertain to academic interests of the campus (graduate and undergraduate resident instruction, research, Outreach and Continuing Education (OCE), as well as academic matters that concern the faculties of more than one discipline, subject to the revision of all orders of the University Faculty Senate (UFS) and the President of the University.   Among the areas within the legislative jurisdiction of the Senate are the following:

  • educational philosophy and policy
  • courses and programs of study
  • academic admission standards
  • graduation requirements
  • scholarship and honors

Advisory and Consultative Function

To act as an advisory and consultative body, both through its corporate whole and any of its constituent parts, to the Chancellor of Penn State Lehigh Valley on any matter that may affect the attainment of the educational objectives of Penn State Lehigh Valley.

Forensic Function

To serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas among the members of the Penn State Lehigh Valley campus community.

Members of Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate at Penn State Lehigh Valley consists of a large number of faculty members, members of campus administration (including the chancellor and director of academic affairs), staff members, and a student representative (typically the student government president).

For further information, consult the Faculty Resources Group in ANGEL (Senate members only).