The Fluidity of Gender Sculpture by Linda Stein

Exhibit dates: August 29–December 3, 2022

Webinar recording of Fluidity of Gender with Linda Stein held on Thursday Oct 13, 2022.
Virtual tour of Fluidity of Gender exhibit in the Ronald K. DeLong Gallery at Penn State Lehigh Valley.
Article on Feminist artist/activist Linda Stein.

“My goal as an artist is to use my art to transform social consciousness and inspire activism for peace, equality and diversity. With my androgynous forms and pop-culture icons, I invite the viewer to seek diversity in unpredictable ways, to ‘try on’ new personal avatars and self-definitions.”
—Linda Stein

This exhibition consists of mixed media sculpture, collage and prints. 

Linda Stein wants to broaden awareness and inspire empathy by presenting gender multiplicities and diversities. By addressing body-image, Stein wants the viewer to become more familiar with, and even self-conscious about, society’s destructive focus on oversimplified gender boxes for human expression and identity. For the viewer who might not have thought much about gender bullying and bigotry–and who might even find gender fluidity a scary subject to ponder–she melds and scrambles the continuum between “masculinity” and “femininity” to help collapse these gender binaries.

Have Art Will Travel

Sculpture from Linda Stein exhibit on display

Penn State Lehigh Valley’s Ronald K. De Long Gallery will bring renowned artist Linda Stein’s thought-provoking exhibit, “Fluidity of Gender,” to the region this fall. The exhibit will be on display Aug. 29 to Dec. 3, 2022. Pictured is one of the pieces, "MascuFem 681." 

Credit: Linda Stein