Honors Program

Honors Program

The Penn State Lehigh Valley Honors Program offers students the opportunity to enrich their education by taking honors courses, working closely with faculty on special projects as well as participating in honors-related extracurricular activities and service projects.

Honors Program Overview

Students enrolled in the campus Honors Program take a minimum of six credits of honors courses each academic year; Schreyer Scholars at the campus complete nine credits of honors courses. Honors credit is awarded for successful completion of honors courses and honors options (honors projects developed with qualified faculty members as part of regular courses). These courses fulfill General Education and other curricular requirements, and the honors designation appears on the student's transcript.

At the beginning of each semester, Honors students work with their academic advisers as well as the Honors coordinator to develop individualized Academic Plans that include appropriate honors course work.


Schreyer Scholars and Honors Program members are entitled to several benefits. These benefits include the following:

  • Registration priority
  • Partially-funded international travel
  • Recognition at Penn State Lehigh Valley's Honors Convocation