Jason Travers: Documenting the Moment: A Visual Journal


September 7–December 17, 2021


Thursday, September 23
5:00–7:00 p.m.

About the Exhibition

After many years primarily producing non-representational work, I have gravitated toward observed landscape studies using ink and water-soluble graphite to facilitate my hiking explorations with a more limited yet accessible medium. These sketches range in duration from an hour or two to multiple-day sittings, and are always completed on site. The experience of recording these observations, visually surveying every detail and nuance of my surroundings, results in a product that documents the full experience in a way that a simple memory or camera snapshot could never replicate. When I revisit each of my completed sketches, I am instantly transported back to a specific place and time and can recount every sensory facet of the experience. These works become a journal of my collective experiences.  - Jason Travers

Jason Travers interview


Black and white illustration of rocks and tree trunks in a forest

Ringing Rocks

Credit: Jason Travers