Lanta Bus Route Details

LANTA, (Lehigh and Northampton Transit Authority, is now offering a route (323) which travels from South Bethlehem to our Lehigh Valley campus.

You can find an overview of the stops the bus will take in the chart below, and even more detail on locations in the screen capture beneath it. Additional information and, if needed, instructions on how to read the chart are in the attached document.

Touch Points Schedule
Route 323 Planned Aligned Stop Information

The initial cost of a student bus pass is $5 for 31 consecutive days. You can purchase up to two of the special 31-day passes at any time by using the QR code below to download the Token Transit app on your phone.

In the app, select:

  • Buy Passes
  • Rider
  • Emergency
  • Pass
  • 31 Day Pass

The 31 days of consecutive riding does not start until your first ride – AND – you can use it to ride anywhere as many times as you’d like during those 31 days! That means you can use it to catch a bus to the mall, surrounding Lehigh Valley cities, or anywhere else LANTA goes.

Ticket QR Code

Once you have your pass, you should also download the Transit app by following the QR code below.  This app provides you with real-time tracking of the location of the bus on route 323, so you can be sure to catch it on time.

Tracker QR Code