Microsoft Imagine

About Imagine

As a member of Microsoft Imagine, Penn State Lehigh Valley is able to distribute free Microsoft software with a license that never expires to students who are taking a STEM course and faculty members who are teaching a STEM-related course or conducting research in a STEM-related field. A STEM course is any for-credit course that is Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics.

Registering for Imagine

  • Within the first three weeks after the start of the semester you will receive an email from Imagine with instructions on how to setup your username and password in order to access the software site.
  • Before accessing the Imagine website, you must be associated with a STEM course as a student, instructor, or support staff. You must read and adhere to the license terms of the Imagine EULA. Violation of the terms in the agreement can result in revoked Imagine access and possible legal action.

Obtaining Software

  1. Visit the Microsoft Imagine website using the username and password that was emailed to you from Imagine. NOTE: Your username for Imagine is your full PSU email address.
    (If you cannot find the email from Imagine with your login credentials, click on the "I've forgotten my password!" link and your password will be emailed to your PSU email account.)
  2. Select the software you would like to order and add it to your shopping cart.
  3. Complete the check-out process.
  4. Download your software title.
  5. Burn the downloaded ISO image to the appropriate media (CD/DVD).
  6. Install the software title on your computer.

Support and Assistance

A list of IMagine Store frequently asked questions can be found at Imagine Store FAQ. In addition, the Imagine informational page covers the following topics:

  • Using Imagine software
  • How to create an ISO image
  • How to install software from an ISO image
  • How to register your software

For additional assistance, contact Imagine Support Directly >> 

Other questions or access issues can be emailed to Penn State Lehigh Valley ITS at [email protected].