Dr. Denise Ogden

Denise Ogden
Professor, Marketing
Lehigh Valley, 217-M
2809 Saucon Valley Rd
Center Valley, PA 18034

Dr. Denise Ogden is grateful to have been mentored by many talented professionals and instructors throughout her career. That’s why the PSU-LV marketing professor continually “pays it forward,” using their years of shared perspective and her own industry and classroom experience to help her students grow – personally and professionally. Their transformation from a “naïve, inexperienced person to a smart, confident professional” is an evolution she loves to watch … and countless students attribute their growth to her influence.

Ogden worked at Dun & Bradstreet in various roles for a decade prior to making a career change to academia. Her time in the corporate world included the development of materials and training centered around diversity, equity and inclusion. It not only enabled her to create a course on managing diversity for Penn State’s globally-respected World Campus – it helped inform her highly-involved and supportive teaching style.


Ogden is fascinated by buyer motivation and focuses her research on retailing and integrated marketing communications (IMC). In retail, she concentrates on consumer behavior, including multicultural aspects of their actions. In IMC, she delves into the tactics used in public relations, advertising and other areas of influence. Most recently, she and a colleague began exploring the Millennial perception of sustainability in these areas.

Outside of the classroom, Ogden is a constant at campus events and serves as an advisor to the business society. She also coaches student teams in various case competitions including the Council for Retail and Sales yearly case competitions. Many of the teams have won or placed in these events.  True to her roots, Ogden helps lead diversity and inclusion events and groups on campus and serves as the Smeal advisor for the PSU-LV campus.

In her down time, she loves to walk, read, and of course, enjoy her family!

Student Testimonials

“Throughout my entire academic career, I’ve never met a teacher more dedicated or willing to help their students than Dr. Ogden. The amount of support and guidance that I’ve received from her has truly been a blessing, and personally, I’m extremely thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to study under and learn from such a remarkable professor and person.” –Makayla Mason

“Dr. Ogden takes a personal interest in students’ growth. She invited me to the YWCA Success Luncheon—The Perfect Fit for Working Women event. It helped me better understand the importance of giving back to the community. Now, I am looking to volunteer with a local nonprofit organization in an effort to give back to the community. I am grateful to Dr. Ogden for the spark she initiated in me.” –Claudia Acharya

“When Dr. Ogden learned about how much her class had greatly impacted my career choice, she offered to advise me as I led a group of students in an intercollegiate marketing competition. Throughout the development of both our strategy and presentation, Dr. Ogden was readily available as we constructed our project. At one point, she even brought in some of her past students with whom she had stayed in touch to critique our presentation. All things considered, I was part of a team that was both motivated and competent. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Ogden’s guidance was key to our placing in the top three of the competition.” –Anthony Mavaro

“Dr. Ogden is a faculty member whose domain is an entirely different field of study than my major, yet I have worked with her more closely over the past couple of semesters than any professors instructing my core classes. As a mentor to me and my teammates through a handful of case competitions, ranging from local to high-stake levels, Dr. Ogden has provided us with invaluable feedback and thoughtful guidance. Her advice has honed our skills and led us to victories, an irreplaceable backbone to our final results. Dr. Ogden develops a quick understanding of students’ strengths and weaknesses, and can aid them accordingly in a manner they will best understand. Beyond her unwavering support and helpful guidance, Dr. Ogden is a mentor in just more than academia. Her attitude, enthusiasm, and encouragement are all driven by the best of intentions, and she makes the extra effort to connect us with opportunities and support us, all with a smile on her face. Ultimately, Dr. Ogden embodies the type of treasured mentor-student relationship I believe is priceless and uplifting, full of shared jokes and lifelong advice.” –Sabiha Kermalli

“Dr. Ogden was not only a lecturer to me, but also a career mentor. My first encounter with Dr. Ogden was as our team's advisor during a consulting case competition. Dr. Ogden is a dedicated educator who goes above and beyond in the classroom and outside to help each and every one of her students succeed. Dr. Ogden is well-versed in the retail, marketing, and sales industries and has extensive connections in these fields. Her insight and advice helped me develop my expertise and pave the way for a successful career with a Big 4 consulting firm.” –Hemil Patel

“There is nothing but good to say about her. When I say that genuinely, out of all my classes and all of the networks I have made here at Penn State Lehigh Valley, my connection with Dr. Ogden beats it all by a mile. By working under her arm, she not only lets us learn and grow as students, but she encourages our creativity. She embraces us enough to make an impact. Even though I do not have her as a professor, she has made more of a positive impact on me than my class professors do. I have been able to see myself learn more, and grow from one case competition to the next. Her positive attitude is the beacon of light that this campus has. Dr. Ogden is more than just a professor. She is a friend and role model. Her charismatic character and jolly energy make students like myself confident in anything they pursue. Penn State Lehigh Valley is beyond lucky to have someone like Dr. Ogden. She is not just a professor; she has become an asset. Without her, my Penn State Lehigh Valley journey would be left boring and bland. She has opened so many doors for me through case competitions. I feel bad for those who have not yet met or have gotten the opportunity to work with Dr. Ogden. At the end of the day, Dr. Ogden is truly a beautiful and pure soul, and I am so lucky to have her in my life.” –Huda Khan

Since 2018

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Ph.D., Business Administration with concentration in Marketing, Temple University

M.B.A., with concentration in Marketing, Allentown College/DeSales University

B.A., Psychology, Adams State College

B.S., Business Administration, concentration in Marketing, Adams State College