Dr. Jeffrey Stone

Dr. Jeff Stone
Associate Professor, Information Sciences and Technology
Lehigh Valley, 217-N

Jeffrey A. Stone, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology (IST)

The social impacts of computing technology underpins the important work of Associate Professor of IST Jeffrey A. Stone, Ph.D.

A member of the Penn State faculty since 2001, Dr. Stone’s research is focused on public sector use of social media, sociological factors related to gaming, and computer and information science pedagogy. Currently, much of his research is spent investigating the use of social media for strategic communication purposes throughout U.S. states and municipalities.

“I’m also investigating perceptions of the so-called ‘gamer identity,’ as well as the impact gaming has had on community-level socialization,” said Dr. Stone, who oversees the campus’ Game Development minor.


Prior to coming to PSU-LV, Dr. Stone was a visiting instructor of computer science at Dickinson College, an adjunct instructor of computer science at Harrisburg Area Community College, a senior instructor of IST at Penn State Schuylkill, and a software developer for an engineering firm producing network analysis software for gas, water and electric utilities.

In addition to his teaching and research, Dr. Stone has served as vice chair and secretary of the Penn State Lehigh Valley Faculty Senate, as well as on numerous committees.

Recent Publications

Stone, J., Flanders, K., and Can, S. Hakan. (2022). “Strategic communication? Measurement and evaluation of Twitter use among municipal governments.” Government Information Quarterly, 101755. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.giq.2022.101755

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Ph.D., Public Administration, Penn State University

M.S., Computer Science, Shippensburg University

B.S., Computer Science, Shippensburg University

A.S., Math/Computer Science, Harrisburg Area Community College