Project Management Course Information

Project Management Course Information

Course 1: Project Management: Introduction to Project Management and Initiating the Project (PJMGT5016)

Roles, responsibilities and core competencies of Project Managers are discussed. Students will gain a thorough understanding of Process Groups and Knowledge Areas as well as the terminology specific to Project Management. Organizational structures and environmental influences are covered in this course. Students will gain a basic understanding of project scope and Work Breakdown Structure in order to complete a business case and project charter.

Course 2: Project Management: Project Planning (PJMGT5017)

Focusing on Scope, Schedule and Budget, the key elements of the Project Management Plan will be developed, including Stakeholder Requirements, Time, Cost, and Scope baselines, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and the Procurement Plan.

Course 3: Project Management: Executing, Monitoring, and Controlling the Project (PJMGT5018)

Principles of Quality management, Human Resource management, Risk management, and Communications management are covered, as well as best practices for corrective/preventive actions in each of the four areas. Scope, Schedule, and Budget will be explored in terms of comparing actual project performance against the Project Management Plan.

Course 4: Project Management: Controlling then Closing the Project (PGMT5019)

The final course focuses on projects that are near completion. Project Performance is compared against the Project Management plan. Project issues and risks are identified, tracked and monitored. Changes to the project are managed while the work is in progress. Techniques for project reporting, including project status and progress measurement indicators are delivered in Course 4. Special topics related to best practices in project management will be highlighted. The module concludes with administrative closure for the project.