Project Management Course Information

Course 1: Project Management: Introduction to Project Management and Initiating the Project (PJMGT5016)

The environment in which projects are managed is discussed along side the roles, responsibilities, and core competencies of Project Managers. Students will gain a thorough understanding of Process Groups and Knowledge Areas as well as the terminology specific to Project Management. How various components of the project are integrated demonstrates how a professionally managed project operates.  

Course 2: Project Management: Project Planning (PJMGT5017)

Focusing on Requirements, Scope, Work Breakdown Structure, and Schedule, key elements of the Project Management Plan will be developed. Specific tools and techniques on how to engage and manage Stakeholders and their effect on projects will be demonstrated.

Course 3: Project Management: Executing, Monitoring, and Controlling the Project (PJMGT5018)

Principles of Quality management, Resource management, and Risk management are covered, as well as these management areas tools and techniques to enhance project success. 

Course 4: Project Management: Controlling then Closing the Project (PGMT5019)

The final course focuses on cost management and procurement management. Various communication management tools and techniques will illustrate how to develop project reporting, including project status and progress measurement indicators. Integration management is revisited in the context of comparing project performance against the Project Management Plan, on how to integrate changes when work is in progress, and how to properly close the project.