Something About the Sky

blue swirls on a black background

Hike #7965: Monson, Maine. 24” x 40”, 2021/2023

Credit: Lori Hepner

A New Series by Artist Lori Hepner

February 5–April 27 2024

There is always, “Something About the Sky,” that allows people to vocalize their wishes and to make dreams for their futures while gazing at light that has traveled from as far away as distant galaxies or as close as a neighboring Pittsburgh hilltop’s streetlight. My project is inspired by and uses the same title of a 1956 Rachel Carson television audio/visual essay, “Something About the Sky,” that spoke about cloud formations over film footage showing the  beauty of clouds.

Lori Hepner
2023-24 Penn State Laureate, Professor of Integrative Arts, Penn State Greater Allegheny

Lori Hepner is an artist working primarily in photography, new media performance, and public art in community centered projects. Her practice, Drawing with Light, aims to make the invisible visible through movement, light, and time using programmable LEDs in devices that
use photographic images in a light-based paint-brush visualized through movement in real-time projections