Postponed: Penn State healthcare alumni invited to special event

Alumni employed in the local healthcare industry invited to social mixer and educational event

Editor’s note: This event has been postponed as a result of the statewide response to the global coronavirus outbreak. 

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. — Penn State alumni who earned a degree in a healthcare related major are invited to an evening of informative presentations and networking with professionals from the local healthcare industry.

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Alumni employed in the Lehigh Valley healthcare industry are invited to the Lehigh Valley campus on April 8 for informative presentations and networking.

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The free evening event will take place at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Apr. 8 at the Lehigh Valley campus. It will kick-off with a cocktail reception and appetizers followed by half-hour faculty sessions on topics in various healthcare fields.

“This event is an excellent opportunity for Penn State alumni to stay updated on emerging trends in various healthcare fields and learn more about the expansion of healthcare related programming here at the Penn State Lehigh Valley campus,” said Diane McAloon, alumni relations director, Penn State Lehigh Valley. “Aside from networking with fellow healthcare alumni, attendees will also benefit from the expert knowledge presented in each faculty speaker’s session.”

The Apr. 8 event will feature the following speakers and topics:

“Global Health IS Our Health,” presented by Biobehavioral Health Program Coordinator Samantha Beebe

Health has expanded beyond traditional physical boundaries, which is why it is imperative that future students benefit from an interdisciplinary lens on healthcare that teaches respect and appreciation of a diverse global society.

“The Coronavirus, COVID-19,” presented by Associate Professor of Chemistry Julie Ealy:

What do you know about COVID-19? Should you be concerned? Will a vaccine be developed? What is involved with drug development? Why is the 3D structure of the coronavirus important in the development of a vaccine? In this informative session Ealy will address these questions using a cutting-edge computer-generated model of the coronavirus.

“Lifelong Learning as a Healthcare Professional: Penn State Libraries and Research,” presented by Head Librarian Jennifer Jarson:

This session will discuss the research resources Penn State University Libraries offers to support lifelong learning, as well as how the Penn State Lehigh Valley Library helps students develop research skills to support their own success — now and in their future careers.

“Meet BEAM, the Interactive Robot!” presented by Director Virtual Education Kate Morgan:

The use of technology to assess clients at different locations is becoming a common practice to eliminate travel needs and/or infection control concerns. Learn how students are introduced to this technology in the Rehabilitation and Human Services program during this session.

“Let’s Solve This with Science! Critical Thinking and Creativity in the Biology Classroom,” presented by Biology Lecturer Lisa Schreffler:

This session will showcase how Penn State Lehigh Valley uses technology to enhance students’ learning of fundamental biology concepts. Four prime examples from the 2019 academic year will be highlighted in this discussion.

For more information on the event, contact Diane McAloon, alumni coordinator, at [email protected] or 610-285-5066. Register by visiting the event website.



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