Faculty member earns doctorate

Maryam Kiani, lecturer of mathematics at Penn State Lehigh Valley, recently earned a doctorate of philosophy in lifelong learning and adult education focusing on mathematics education from Penn State University. Kiani successfully defended her dissertation, “An Exploration of Active Learning in a Calculus I Classroom: An Action Research Study During the Covid-19 Era,” in fall 2020. 

Maryam Kiani poses for photo

Maryam Kiani, lecturer at Penn State Lehigh Valley, recently earned her doctorate degree.

Credit: Maryam Kiani

Kiani first joined Penn State as a part-time lecturer in 2009 and then as a full-time lecturer in 2013. As a mathematics faculty member, Kiani is committed to improving mathematics education through an integrated program of teaching, research, and service. She said she is interested in motivating, engaging and teaching all students in meaningful learning and scientific inquiry.  

“In my profession, my mission is to dedicate myself to encourage, challenge and cultivate the minds of my students so that they can trust themselves to think, create, struggle, connect, speak boldly, take responsibility, and discover the art of learning,” she said.  

Prior to her career at Penn State, Kiani was a teaching assistant and mathematics instructor at Azad University.  She is the founder of “Kπ math academy” in Tehran and was a mathematics curriculum adviser for secondary education.  

Kiani holds a bachelor and a master of mathematics from University of Tehran, as well as a master of education in integrated mathematics from DeSales University. 



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