2+2 Transition Services

Some students will start at Penn State Lehigh Valley and complete their degree here. Others will complete one or two years and transition to another Penn State campus location such as University Park. We understand that this transition period is a crucial time in a student’s college career. It is important for students to make a successful transition to stay on track and to settle in at their new campus successfully. We provide the following services to assist in these matters.

If you are a student changing your assignment to another campus from Lehigh Valley and need transition assistance contact Melissa Baker, coordinator of student services, at 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 5, then 6 or [email protected].

2+2 Information and Resources for students

CANVAS: Transition Timeline - Steps to Take

  1. Check out on CANVAS Dashboard the 2 + 2 Transition Timeline crated for both Division of Undergraduate Students and for majors graduating at University Park or another campus. Information includes action steps that students need to take each semester- from first-year fall semester through the summer after second year.
  2. This one-stop-shop includes steps from Advising, Academics, and Student Affairs.
  3. Students will have access to the programs and events that are designed to ease their transition in a very visible location.
  4. If a student will be graduating from another campus and it is not on their CANVAS Dashboard, they should contact Melissa Baker at 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 5, then 6, or email at [email protected].

Change of Campus Programs

LINK UP is a university-wide program designed to help make your transition to University Park a seamless process. First-year and sophomore commonwealth campus students involved in the 2+2 program are encouraged to attend this year's Link UP at University Park, Saturday, April 6, to learn about housing, student involvement, majors and careers. Students will have meetings with their academic college and receive a tour of the campus.

This is for First years and Second years in DUS or the 2 + 2 program.

If you will be graduating from University Park or another campus, or if you are considering a campus change during your Penn State undergraduate education, you are invited to attend Link UP. Registration for this event opens on February 12th and closes March 27th. Students who are on the 2 + 2 program will receive and email from University Park regarding the registration process.

Link UP provides an opportunity to:

  • Visit the University Park campus.
  • Learn more about the change-of-campus process.
  • Meet with representatives of your academic college.
  • Learn about campus resources.
  • Learn about the financial transition.
  • Begin to understand the advance planning and timing necessary for a successful transition to a different campus.
  • Discover which Penn State campuses offer your intended major.
  • Meet other potential change-of-campus students.


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