LGBTQA+ Resources

Coalition on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (CSOGI)

CSOGI is a network of staff and faculty across the Commonwealth focused on building capacity through increased professional development and training, shared resources, and coordinated efforts. The purpose of CSOGI is to leverage University resources to assist campuses in providing support for LGBTQ students through programming, education, and visibility.

These efforts are supported by campus leadership and advance the various efforts to create inclusive campuses for all members of the Penn State community.

Campus CSOGI reps help ensure the success of LGBTQA programming and resources at commonwealth campuses. Penn State Lehigh Valley CSOGI reps include:

Pam Fleck (lead)
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Room 218
Email: [email protected]
610-285-5000 - press 1, then 5, then 5

Samantha Beebe, MPH, CHES
PRIDE club co-Adviser
Biobehavioral Health Program Coordinator and Lecturer
Room 315-J
Email: [email protected]

Safer People, Safer Places

The Safer People Safer Places network seeks to create a safer and more inclusive environment for sexual and gender diversity. The network is a campus-wide program designed to raise visibility about the LGBTQ+ population, increase the understanding of issues facing LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff, and raise the awareness of the various LGBTQ+ resources available across Penn State.

The program offers a variety of workshops providing a foundation of knowledge needed to be an effective ally to the LGBTQ+ community at Penn State. Individuals who complete workshops can choose to display a Safer People Safer Places decal in their work area. Network members should be comfortable with LGBTQ+ individuals approaching them to talk about LGBTQ+ related issues, and be able to assist individuals in finding campus and/or local resources. Those who complete the foundations workshop will also be added to our Safer People Safer Places network listserv and be listed on our website as a network participant.

LGBTQ+ Foundations Workshop

The Safer People Safer Places foundations workshop provides a baseline knowledge for understanding and addressing sexual and gender diversity. Through the workshop, participants discuss a variety of topics that will help them become a better ally and provide support to members of the LGBTQ+ community. After attending the Foundations workshop, participants will be able to define and describe common concepts and language relating to sexuality and gender; explore the experience of homophobia, heterosexism and genderism; and identify specific actions to create welcoming, affirming and inclusive spaces for people marginalized by their sexuality and/or gender. After completing the Foundations workshop, participants will be able to display the Safer People Safer Places decal as well as be listed on our online resource page as a network member.

The following Faculty and Staff members at Penn State Lehigh Valley have completed the Safer People, Safer Places workshop:


Samantha Beebe
PRIDE club co-Advisor
Program Coordinator and Lecturer
Biobehavioral Health Program
[email protected] | 610-285-5000

Pam Borowski
Lab Technician, Biology
[email protected] | 610-285-5000

Dr. Julie B. Ealy
Associate Professor of Chemistry
[email protected] | 610-285-5000

Dr. Karen Kackley
Assistant Teaching Professor of Biology
[email protected] | 610-285-5000

Michelle Kaschak
Assistant Teaching Professor of English
[email protected] | 610-285-5000

Terri Kistler
Lecturer in RHS
[email protected] | 610-285-5000

Dr. David Livert
University College Disciplinary Coordinator for Social Science and Education Associate Professor of Psychology
[email protected] | 610-285-5000

Dr. Denise Ogden
Professor of Marketing
Vice Chair, Council for Retail and Sales
[email protected] | 610-285-5000


Marta DaSilva
Academic Adviser
New Student Orientation Coordinator
[email protected] | 610-285-5075

Tara Koller
Academic Adviser
[email protected] |  610-285-5075

Melissa Baker
Coordinator of Student Services
[email protected] | 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 5, then 6

Pam Fleck
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
[email protected] | 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 5, then 5

Tammy Yocum-Cwienkala, MS, LPC
Coordinator of Counseling Services
[email protected] | 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 5, then 4

Heather Amatore
Administrative Assistant
[email protected] | 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 4 or 0

Kathy Romig
Information Resources & Services Support Specialist
[email protected] | 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 7

Susan Stumpf
Information Resource & Services Support Specialist
[email protected] | 610-285-5000 - press 1, then 7