The Value of PSU-LV

PSU-LV students mirror Gallup student survey results finding value and satisfaction in their college experience.

There’s no doubt – the value of a college education is making headlines.

So we set out to gauge the sentiments of our own student body and found they matched a new national survey reporting high satisfaction in the value of their college experience.

A new Gallup survey found that 75 percent of currently enrolled college students nationally strongly agree or agree that their college experience is preparing them well for life outside of college, and 71 percent of bachelor’s degree students say the degree they are receiving is worth the cost.

"These sentiments align with the feedback we have received from Penn State Lehigh Valley (PSU-LV) students through satisfaction surveys and various evaluation measures," said Dr. Anibal Torres, Director of Academic Affairs at PSU-LV." Consistently, our students express that their experiences at our institution are profoundly shaping them, providing them with skills and insights that will benefit them throughout their lives."

Specific PSU-LV data shows that:

  • 81 percent of enrolled students are interested in or have completed a PSU-approved Internship;
  • 61 percent are interested in or have participated in community service or service-learning projects;
  • 36 percent are interested in or have attended a study abroad trip;
  • 35 percent are interested in or have participated in independent research with a faculty member.

Gallup found that student perceptions of preparation for life after college are among the most important factors that most highly correlate with a student’s belief that the degree they are receiving is worth the cost. Other factors that influence a student’s rating of value include the school’s perceived commitment to free expression and diversity, the extent to which the school makes the student feel physically and psychologically safe, and the level of care students receive from faculty.

"When it comes to these metrics, our students consistently affirm that the experiences they gain at PSU-LV are unquestionably worth the resources and time they invest in their education," Torres said.

The Gallup results are based on web survey responses collected March 13-30, 2023, from 2,430 students pursuing their bachelor’s degree at a four-year U.S. institution.