2+2 Plan

2+2 Plan

There’s more to Penn State than University Park. You can spend your first two years at one campus, then transition to another of Penn State’s twenty undergraduate campuses, including University Park, for the remaining two years. We call this approach the 2+2 Plan, and it the most common path to a Penn State degree: About 60 percent of students choose this option.

Students choose this path for many reasons; some for the chance to stay close to home, others to save money. Still others are looking for a particular campus environment, perhaps smaller classes or particular sports. Whatever their reason and wherever their campus, they are excited to embark on their Penn State experience.

The 2+2 process

Once you enroll at your starting campus, you do not need to reapply for admission when it's time to move to your second campus. Students work with their academic advisers to complete the change of campus process. This process happens during the fourth semester (end of sophomore year) for most students, in anticipation of moving to the second campus for the fifth semester (junior year).

Your academic adviser will also make sure that you are on track to meet the entrance to major requirements for your chosen program. These requirements are the same whether you start at University Park or a Commonwealth campus.

Most of our majors can be started at any campus, where you will take your General Education and prerequisite courses for your major before moving to your ending campus to complete the remaining courses for your major.