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Due to this incredibly busy time of year no new design work can be accepted until May 13, 2024.

Web edit requests submitted Mondays–Thursdays will be completed on Fridays until May 13, 2024. Please indicate if edit is urgent, it will be made ASAP.

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To ensure the highest quality of work, Strategic Communications asks that you allow for a minimum of the specified lead times listed for each project type found on the Strategic Communications Services Provided page. StratComm will make an effort to accommodate requests submitted later, but cannot guarantee coverage. All projects will be assessed, and if accepted, prioritized in relation to department workload and staffing. 

For consideration on student e-newsletters and bathroom newsletters, email Pam Fleck, [email protected]

Please note: the submitted contact will also be listed as ADA accommodation contact
Due to the volume of the requests, please send bullet points describing your project, and include a specific request of what you want Strategic Communications to do on your behalf. Strategic Communications does not have the capacity to sift through attachments without direction or explanation.
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Please check all that apply. It is also important to note that some projects may incur additional costs. Submitting your request and establishing the scope of a project will determine if there will be additional charges.
Use this section to provide us with more info or other details that you think we should know. Explain why your event or story idea is newsworthy, and specify if your event is part of a university-wide initiative, such as All In.
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