PROJECTION PROJECT: Bridging Perspectives

March 22–April 9, 2021
Monday–Friday 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Live stream view via Zoom webinar

PROJECTION PROJECT:  Bridging Perspectives is an exhibition of solely projected images in a physical gallery space and live streaming the space to those outside. Artists, students, and community participants’ images will share the screen in the gallery as well as stream via Zoom webinar.

At this time during the pandemic when physical spaces are not easily visited, and Penn State University is discouraging guests to visit campuses unless they are students, faculty or staff, we have decided to embrace the notion of “disconnection” and create our own bridges to seemingly divided realities. The projection and the streamed images will change as new works are added and as other factors affect the physical spaces such as movement and light in the gallery.

The concept of identity ties into the notion of projecting who we are, how we are perceived and how this can bring us together rather than divide us. We hope you will join us for this experiment! 

PSULV student, Victor Velez III, Arts Administration and IST double major at Penn State Lehigh Valley, brings his skills in technology and interest in community arts to this project. He is helping to create this project that projects our identities and maybe bridges the divide.

Download the PROJECTION PROJECT invitation for details on how to submit.

Ann Lalik, gallery director  [email protected]   
Victor Velez III, assistant  [email protected]