The SAGE Lecture Series
Senior Adults Gaining Enrichment 

The Senior Adults Gaining Enrichment program is one designed for adults over 55 years of age who are interested in expanding life's experiences. SAGE offers an opportunity to enrich one's life through learning in a relaxed and accepting environment among peers. We cover a wide range of subjects in our college level lectures including social and cultural trends, evolving technologies, the arts, food and wine, politics, religion, economics, health and wellness, and many more!

Each SAGE session is held on the first Friday of the month (with the exception of May 11) and begins with coffee at 10:30 a.m., the featured speaker at 11 a.m., and lunch at noon.  All SAGE lectures are held in room 135 at Penn State Lehigh Valley located at 2809 Saucon Valley Road in Center Valley.

Spring 2018 Lecture Schedule

Friday, March 2 
“Vietnam War - a Personal Story”
Tom Roney, Training and Leadership Development

The Vietnam War was a key component of a tumultuous time in our country’s history. Tom will share his story of college, the draft and his two-year commitment to serving his country. This is a first-hand account with photos and documents that support his version of getting drafted, going to training and then off to fight a war half way around the world.  Every soldier’s story is different – this is Tom’s.

Friday, April 6 
“The refugee story in the Lehigh Valley”
Marla Snell, Site Director, Bethany Ministries, Allentown

Marla has been working in the field of refugee resettlement since 2000. The resettlement program was small, so she also did some work for the Refugee Social Services state employment grant program. In April 2016, Marla was hired by Bethany Christian Services to be Site Director for Refugee Resettlement in Allentown.  This is the only resettlement agency in the Lehigh Valley area.  Marla will share how Bethany Services supports refugees moving into the area and the challenges and joys refugees face when they acclimate to our community.

Friday, May 11 
“Critically Navigating the Information Ecosystem”
Jennifer Jarson, Head Librarian, Penn State Lehigh Valley

Our information ecosystem offers us an overwhelming amount of information to navigate and process, including scholarly research, a 24-hour news cycle, and social media. Yet sheer volume of information isn’t the only challenge we face. Algorithms and filter bubbles, confirmation bias, misinformation and fake news, and more complicate our experience. Join us to discuss this complex ecosystem and how we can become more critical information consumers. 

Friday, June 1 
“Hemp; History, Demise and Rebirth of a Versatile Crop”
Erica McBride, Executive Director, PA Hemp Council

Industrial Hemp was an important crop and a major industry in Pennsylvania until the 1940’s.  What was a crop with hundreds of uses including textiles, rope, canvas, seed oil and livestock feed is today the most sustainable, nutritious and versatile crop on the planet with far more uses than our ancestors could even imagine. A member of the PA Hemp Council will lead a discussion on the history of Hemp in Pennsylvania. Learn how federal laws forced the demise of Hemp production in the United States and how recent state legislation is allowing for a comeback of this versatile, potentially lucrative crop across the Commonwealth. 

The cost per lecture is $20, or attend all four for $60. Lunch is included. For more information or to register, contact Andrea Tessier at 610-285-5026 or