Services Provided

Services Provided

Penn State Lehigh Valley Strategic Communications offers a number of services with the goal of communicating a consistent verbal and graphic message with a wide range of diverse constituencies. These services include media and public relations, website assistance, print design, social media coverage, digital sign design, and more.

To ensure the highest quality of work, Strategic Communications asks that you allow for a minimum of the specified lead times listed for each project type below. The more notice, the better. All projects will be assessed, and if accepted, prioritized in relation to department workload and staffing.

It is also important to note that some projects may incur additional costs. Submitting your request and establishing the scope of a project will determine if there will be additional charges.

To initiate a job request for Strategic Communications, the requestor must fill out an online form>>

Copywriting/Editing (allow at least 6 weeks for copywriting/1 week for editing)

External promotional materials are required to meet Penn State editorial standards. StratComm may need to alter submitted copy to meet these specific guidelines.

Design (allow at least 6 weeks) 

Design work such as brochures, programs, flyers, posters, postcards, rack cards, info sheets, and invitations. More in-depth projects like brochures will take longer to complete, please allow at least 3-6 months for these. 

Digital Signage Request (allow at least 2 weeks)

Special Events: Four Monitors in Centre Hall (Unifier). If you want your digital sign to be considered for display on all four digital signs in Centre Hall, please specify that you want a unifier digital sign. This unifier request is more time intensive, please allow at least 2 weeks. Please note: unifier requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Daily Notices: Monitors by reception, 2nd floor, and 3rd floor. Attach PDF or PNG file to the job request form for it to be added to the daily slideshow. Files can be created in PowerPoint, as the dimensions of the monitors are the same.  

Photography (allow at least 4 weeks) 

Please note photography requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis, as StratComm coordinates these efforts with the MIC. If photos are requested for use in future marketing of your event or program, we may suggest hiring a professional photographer. 

Press and Media Relations (allow at least 4–6 weeks) 

For traditional press releases and/or news stories to be included in Lehigh Valley Headlines e-newsletter by way of Penn State News (, allow at least 4 weeks’ notice. Special external media relations projects require at least 6 weeks’ notice. This allows the appropriate time for media outlets to be contacted and pitched, and a story to be developed and written. For homepage feature story suggestions, allow at least 8 weeks’ notice as these are planned well in advance.

Please note: not all story ideas will be accepted due to the volume of requests and editorial priorities. 

Remarks Requests (allow at least 3–6 weeks) 

If you have invited Dr. Richardson or Dr. Hochstetler to speak at your event, allow 3 weeks’ notice for short welcome/closing remarks. And allow 6 weeks’ notice for keynote remarks and/or formal presentations. For any requests, please provide at least three bullet points in an email detailing what you would like the speaker to talk about in their remarks. 

Social Media (allow at least 2 weeks)

For consideration for use on Penn State Lehigh Valley's social media platforms, please allow at least 2 weeks’ notice, as social media content schedules are laid out in advance. For more in-depth social media projects, such as hashtag campaigns or social media posting competitions, please allow at least one months’ notice. 

Swag Bags (allow at least 1 week) 

For 1-3 swag bags for guest speaker, allow 1 week. For more than 3 small swag bags or for a swag donation request to a local organization, allow 4 weeks. Contact Dennille Schuler.

Swag Item Orders with Official Logo (allow at least 2 months)

Website Updates (allow at least 2 weeks) 

Website updates include minor changes to existing pages on the Penn State Lehigh Valley website. Some projects, such as correcting major accessibility issues and creating new pages, will require additional time. Please allow at least 6 weeks for these projects.