Title IX

Title IX

What is Title IX?

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any program or activity including, but not limited to:

  • Educational programs or activities, e.g., student services, academic counseling, discipline, classroom assignment, grading, athletics, recreation and study abroad;
  • Admission and recruitment, e.g., financial aid, housing;
  • Medical services, including psychological counseling.

Unlawful Discriminatory Behaviors Under Title IX


Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.


Rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual exploitation and other forms of non-consensual sexual activity. 


Repeatedly following, harassing, threatening or intimidating including by telephone, mail, electronic communication or social media. 


Which can include emotional, verbal, and economic abuse without the presence of physical abuse. 


Which can include emotional, verbal and economic abuse without the presence of physical abuse. 


Adverse employment, academic or other actions against anyone reporting or participating in an investigation of Title IX allegations.

Reporting Prohibited Behavior

Members of the University community who believe that a Title IX violation may have occurred, should discuss their concerns and/or file a complaint with the following:

University Title IX Coordinator

Paul Apicella 
222L Bouke Building, University Park, PA 16802 
814-867-0099 | titleix@psu.edu | affirmativeaction.psu.edu 

University Title IX Deputy Coordinator

Danny Shaha, Senior Director, Office of Student Conduct 
120 Boucke Building, University Park, PA 16802 
814-863-0342 | jds49@psu.edu

Penn State Lehigh Valley Title IX Resource Person

Dr. Denise O'Neill, Director of Enrollment Management
Room 144, Lehigh Valley campus 
610-285-5067 | dxo39@psu.edu 

Report a Violation

Through Penn State

Sexual Harassment and Assault Reporting and Education (SHARE) >>

Penn State Lehigh Valley Sexual Assault Resources >>

Outside of Penn State

Office for Civil Rights, Philadelphia Office, Wanamaker Building 
100 Penn Square East, Suite 515, Philadelphia, PA 19107
215-656-8541 | OCR.Philadelphia@ed.gov