Basic Grant Writing

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made it even more important for all businesses to competently apply for, local, state, and federal grants to help keep their business alive. This program will be delivered in webinar style and allow participants to work on their basic grant application skills. This training is supplemented by additional “homework” and one-on-one correspondence with the instructor, who will help students work on standard text that every company must have to apply for a grant. 

The class will introduce the Logic Model that can be used when planning a grant project and focus on how to cultivate a granting agency prior to submitting an application. Students will learn to identify funding sources and how to ensure a request lines up with the funder’s guidelines. Students will learn how to fully research proposal content and develop realistic goals, objectives and outcomes. Time will be spent discussing and developing skills on how to prepare a competitive budget. The class will review an application that was not funded and discuss the reasons it was not funded. Additional time will be spent learning how to prepare an evaluation and improving writing skills.