Campus Directory

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Dr. Nichola Gutgold [email protected]
Professor, Communication Arts and Sciences
Lehigh Valley, 217-J 610-285-5257
Kaley (Ebling) Hampford [email protected]
Enrollment Marketing Specialist, Enrollment
Lehigh Valley, 107-D 610-285-5262
Stephen Haney [email protected]
Lecturer, Management
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Janel Hanna [email protected]
Assistant , Lehigh Valley LaunchBox
Lehigh Valley, 154 610-285-5208
Dr. Kristen Hark [email protected]
Lecturer, Corporate Communication
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Dr. Blake Heffner [email protected]
Lecturer, PHIL/REL
Lehigh Valley, 2 610-285-5142
Thomas Heilman [email protected]
Lecturer, Biology
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Valerie Henne-Hallman [email protected]
Regional Strategic Partner, Human Resources
Lehigh Valley, 159 610-285-5235
Thomas Hess [email protected]
Lecturer, Health Policy and Administration
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Ray Hitti [email protected]
Lecturer, International Business
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Kristy Hove [email protected]
Coordinator, Institutional Planning
Lehigh Valley, 133 610-285-5231
Dr. Tai-Yin Huang [email protected]
Professor, Physics
Lehigh Valley, 130 610-285-5100
Dr. Mary Hutchinson [email protected]
Associate Professor Emeritus, ESL Education
Dr. Daniel Jackson [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Astronomy
Assistant Teaching Professor, Physics
Assistant Teaching Professor, Mathematics
Lehigh Valley, 209-F 610-285-5161
Jennifer Jarson [email protected]
Head Librarian, Library
Lehigh Valley, 202 610-285-5119
Dr. Angela Jeon-Huh [email protected]
Adjunct Professor
Yu Mi Jeong [email protected]
Research Technologist , Academic Affairs
Lehigh Valley, 315-A 610-285-5177
Erich Joella [email protected]
Lecturer, Music Education
Lehigh Valley 610-285-5000
Jason Jones [email protected]
Maintenance Worker , Building Operations
Lehigh Valley, 112 610-285-5006
Camille Kacerik [email protected]
Part-Time Videographer , Multimedia Innovation Center
Lehigh Valley, 201 610-285-5237