Heard on Campus: A conversation with Congresswoman Susan Wild

Students met with Congresswoman Wild to discuss the College Affordability Act
two women at table one speaking into microphone

Congresswoman Susan Wild (left) visited Penn State Lehigh Valley on Nov. 5 to talk to students about the College Affordability Act. Chancellor Tina Q. Richardson (right) served as moderator for the event.

Credit: Camille Kacerik

“It is important to support schools that support our communities. I think higher education and educating young people is one of the principal ways we should spend federal tax dollars. Investing in our youth helps build the economy.”

 - U.S. Representative Susan Wild (D-7)

More than 20 Penn State Lehigh Valley students from Student Government Association attended a roundtable discussion with Congresswoman Wild on Nov. 5 at the Lehigh Valley campus. Penn State Lehigh Valley Chancellor Tina Q. Richardson served as the moderator of the discussion. Topics ranged from details of the College Affordability Act, support services for mental health on college campuses and student aid.

Congresswoman and chancellor posed with students

Congresswoman Susan Wild visited with PSU-LV students on Nov. 5 to have a conversation about the College Affordability Act. 

Credit: Camille Kacerik



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