Penn State Lehigh Valley student wins community award at juried art show

Award-wining art to be displayed in hospitals
a female student sits in front of an easel

Wendie Chen worked on her art while in the studio at Penn State Lehigh Valley earlier this month.

Credit: Amber Campbell

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. — Penn State Lehigh Valley student Wendie Chen won a community art award for her artwork submitted to the eight annual Hope & Healing Juried Art Show, which is a signature project of Healing Through The Arts.

Chen, a first-year international student at the Lehigh Valley campus, won the community award “Live in Love and Hope” for her colored-pencil piece titled “Color of Life.” Displayed underneath her artwork was the saying, “Even if living in a black and white world, love can always retrieve the color of life.”

“I was always interested in art when I lived in China,” said Chen. “I came to Penn State Lehigh Valley and have learned so much about art. I love it.”

Student wins community art award

International student Wendie Chen won a community art award: "Live in Love and Hope."

Credit: Penn State Lehigh Valley Multimedia Innovation Center

“I tell my students every year to consider entering this show, and Wendie expressed an interest to do so,” said Ron De Long, lecturer in fine art at Lehigh Valley. “Wendie drew this in my fall semester drawing class. And this is the first time Penn State Lehigh Valley was involved in this show, which is an especially incredible feat given that we do not have a formal studio art program/degree here on campus. Art has the power to change lives. The impact of making art and viewing art can be done by anyone who has the desire. Like most anything in life, if you have the will to excel and spend time doing anything, what you choose to do can make an impact on your life.”

At the conclusion of the art show, hospitals and healing facilities have the opportunity to request and receive artwork. The art is to be placed where people spend time waiting and provides an alternative option to watching television.

“I am excited that my art may be displayed in hospitals someday since not all patients get a window to look at,” said Chen.

Chen was presented her award and a monetary prize on March 22 at the Award Ceremony and Silent Auction for the Hope & Healing Juried Art Show at the Baum School of Art in Allentown.

A man and his female student in front of artwork hanging on wall

Ron De Long, lecturer in fine art at Penn State Lehigh Valley, and Wendie Chen, a first-year international student, attended the award ceremony on March 22 where Chen was presented a community art award for her colored-pencil drawing of a man embracing a woman.

Credit: Ron De Long



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