Suggested Academic Plans

The course series provided in the Suggested Academic Plan provides only one of many possible ways to move through the curriculum. To create a personalized academic plan, begin by taking the following steps:

  • Consult with a Penn State academic adviser on a regular basis to develop and refine your academic plan.
  • Use the Suggested Academic Plan in conjunction with your degree audit (accessible in LionPATH as either an Academic Requirements or What If report). 
  • Familiarize yourself with information available in this Bulletin to learn about academic opportunities.
  • Explore resources available on your college and campus websites. 

Please note that the University may make changes in policies, procedures, educational offerings, and requirements.

For the final work regarding the courses needed for graduation in a particular major, all students should consult the University Bulletin and their degree audit.

*Suggested academic plans pertain to students who began at Penn State summer 2018 or later. Students enrolled before summer 2018 should visit their degree program page to access their recommended academic plan. 

BioBehavioral Health

Biobehavioral Health Suggested Academic Plan


Business Suggested Academic Plan

Associate in Business Administration (two-year degree)

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication Suggested Academic Plan

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice, B.A. Suggested Academic Plan

Criminal Justice, B.S. Suggested Academic Plan

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations Suggested Academic Plan

Health Policy and Administration

Health Policy and Administration Suggested Academic Plan

Information Technology

Information Technology Suggested Academic Plan

Project and Supply Chain Management

Project and Supply Chain Management Suggested Academic Plan


Bachelor of Science in Psychology Suggested Academic Plan

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Suggested Academic Plan

Rehabilitation and Human Services

Rehabilitation and Human Services Suggested Academic Plan