Career Services Frequently Asked Questions

Career Services Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to meet with Career Services?

Early and often! We want to meet with students as soon as possible to begin exploring careers, discussing goals, and formulating plans to prepare for internships and job opportunities. It is no longer acceptable to wait until junior or senior year to begin the conversation. Increasingly, our students are beginning internships in the summer or fall after their freshman and sophomore year. 

I have sent out several applications. Why am I not receiving any calls for interviews?

There could be a few reasons you are not receiving any phone calls.

  1. Your resume is not accurately showcasing your experience, and/or the format needs to be adjusted.
  2. You are applying to positions that do not match the qualifications listed on your resume.
  3. Your cover letter needs revision.

Why should I attend a career fair?

Students secure internships and full time positions after attending career fairs. Students report that attending multiple career fairs and having face time with an employer on more than one occasion gave them the edge over their competion. Networking is a vital part of the internship and job search. Career fairs provide you with the opportunity to network and build professional relationships.

Why do I need a LinkedIn account?

LinkedIn offers several advantages.

  • Use it to expand your professional network broadly by connecting with peers, faculty and staff, professional contacts, and alumni.
  • Targeting alumni in specific fields or companies, you can request a chat or an informational interview to learn more about their success and career evolution.
  • Join groups and participate in discussions
  • Opening up communication and interaction with individuals with whom you may not have otherwise had the chance to connect.
  • Present your professional portfolio and let employers know you are interested in specific opportunities.
  • Use your LinkedIn network to request an introduction to an appropriate connection at your ideal company or organization.

Will Career Services place me in an internship?

Career Services will provide you with the foundation and tools you need to secure a position. If you want to succeed in your career, it is essential that you learn how to successfully complete a job search. We will offer our support and guidance, but we will not place you in an internship.